Meet EasyBin

We optimize and digitalize the waste management processes for
a clean and sustainable world.

What is EasyBin?

EasyBin has developed especially to optimize the collection and the separation processes in recycling.
EasyBin provides two product services for indoor and outdoor use. It aims to motivate people
to recycle with technological innovations and to offer solutions for a greener environment.


Automatic Sorting

The device recognizes the waste with the sensors and algorithms that we developed and sorts it into the correct fraction.

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EasyBin provides various benefits to users to motivate people to recycle according to parameters such as the type and amount of waste disposed.


EasyBin provides more hygienic service with its touch-free usage feature.

Easy Management

EasyBin system and devices can be managed from a single screen, via computer and phone. Information such as usage rates, technical condition, the occupancy rate of the device can be monitored in real-time.


The waste in the device is compressed when it reaches a specific fill rate through the Press-Kit inside. Thus, the device can serve for a longer time without being emptied.

img We had to put 4-5 garbage cans for recycling in our office. We had hard times in our limited space. The product that EasyBin designed for us added a brand new atmosphere to our office! Cosmos Institute
EasyBin helped us to increase our companies green applications.
img We started recycling with EasyBin in the Office. That was something new and fun for us. EasyBin turns the recycling habit for our Office. Thinking Brand Communication